Black History Month assembly at 奥杜邦小学

奥杜邦小学 explored Black History Month with an all-school assembly. Fourth graders read biographies of notable Black leaders, scholars, artists and athletes that they researched and wrote. The school also welcomed special guest speakers from 华盛顿湖高中美国黑人学生会.

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This year, elementary students from 22 different 合乐888 schools will be engaged in a program that aims to engage students in reading. The 神奇阅读挑战 kicks of the week of February 6 with in-school challenges.



    Health & 安全指示板

    Current COVID-19 data for in-person learning in 合乐888

    合乐888手机版客户登录 takes all positive COVID-19 cases seriously. We have a comprehensive COVID-19 Positive Case Report Response process that includes reporting the case to Public Health, communicating information as needed to affected staff, parents/students (also called close contacts), and implementing our cleaning protocols that includes cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing work spaces as required.

    For the latest COVID-19 metrics for King County, please visit the 公共卫生网站.

    COVID-19 积极的情况 data for student/staff for the


    Student count represents students receiving in-person instruction as of September 20, 2022. Staff count is the the estimated number of staff members that are assigned to that district building.

    A 积极的情况 is defined as a staff member or student who was present at work/school up to two days before becoming symptomatic and/or testing positive for COVID-19.

    Positive cases may be listed more than one time in building counts if the individual was in more than one building while positive. The total number of staff and students reflects total numbers of individuals.

    Please note: Numbers for ICS and 爱默生k - 12 are located in the high school tab.